Design Your Own Bathroom


Here at Burgess Bathrooms, we’ve helped to design luxury facilities for families and homeowners throughout the Greater London area – and while it might be simple to assume that all Battersea bathroom installation services are the same, you really could not be farther from the truth.  Ever wanted to design your own bathroom – with all the luxury trimmings?  Now you can.


Your Dream Bathroom


Think about what it is that you need from your bathroom – do you have a large family?  Do you require specific access?  Are you simply looking for that incredible, unique look to set your wet room apart from all others?  None of this should ever be a complex task – and it’s important to us that your bathroom design ideas are heard and implemented throughout your time with us.


So what does make the perfect bathroom?  Is there such a thing?  While other Battersea bathroom installation specialists may be keen to opt for one basic service – which, on the face of it, is nice and simple – Burgess Bathrooms gives you the opportunity to create your own space with as little or as much help and inspiration from us as you need.  Therefore, your ideal bathroom design is never too far from becoming a reality.


Total Bathroom Project Management


Looking for an all-in project management service?  We can help.  We’ll sit down and chat with you about what you’re looking for from that ideal bathroom and we will take the reins on design, implementation and installation – from start to finish.  We’ll help you choose from brilliant, affordable bathroom manufacturers who we’re always proud to partner with.  For us, luxury bathrooms should be affordable bathrooms – without allowing product or care quality to falter.


You Call The Shots


Prefer to choose your own fixtures and fittings?  Like the look of a walk-in shower or an indoor hot tub – but don’t want to overdo the heated towel rails?  No problem.  With our tailored installation only service, you have complete control – design your own bathroom from head to toe and we’ll fit everything for you to impeccable standard.  Luxury bathroom design doesn’t have to be out of your hands – you take charge!


Contact Us


The perfect bathroom design is one which appeals to your aesthetics and your needs – each and every visit.  If you’re in need of Battersea bathroom installation with a luxury touch – and all the control you could ever want – call Burgess Bathrooms today on 020 3532 5133 to get started.