With the right thought and know-how a small bathroom can be made stylish, practical and space efficient. Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of your space;

  1. Trick The Eye

The space of a room and the amount the eye perceives there to be aren’t necessarily the same thing. One idea for tricking the eye is to tile the side of the bath and the wall with the same tile, making it harder to distinguish where each begins and making the space feel larger. Marble can be great for this as with the right minimal grouting it almost looks like one huge sheet. When tiling the sides of baths in South West London we always advise to install one tile as an access hatch.

  1. Use Mirrors

The reflection of light from mirrors helps create the impression of light, it’s a trick interior designers have been using for years but one not to be forgotten about. From adventurous mirrored tiles to just a wall hung mirror, the reflections are guaranteed to brighten your bathroom. We have recently used mirrored tiles in the Clapham area for a tight spaced loft bathroom

  1. Use Statement Wallpaper

One of the best ways to disguise a small bathroom is to create interest and a statement.Bold wallpaper is a great way of doing this. With our clients across South West London we use wallpaper quite often in cloakrooms but increasingly in bathrooms as well. However, you do need to ensure it’s a paper made specifically for bathrooms, which will cope with the damp, warm conditions.

  1. Build In Recessed Shelves or Alcoves

Alcoves in bathrooms are a great space saver both practically and visually and serve to keep toiletries need and tidy. Building the shelves into false walls that hide pipework is a great use of otherwise wasted space. Also consider recessed light fittings, spot or linear, we install a lot of these in more contemporary bathrooms, especially in fashionable blocks in Wandsworth and Clapham.

  1. Make Your Bath The Star

A freestanding bath can work brilliantly as a focal point in a small space. They are not as big as you might think and there are smaller versions available on the high street to fit into tighter spaces. Add a clever tile or stencil on the wall above to draw the eye up and add to the illusion of space. While we historically have tended to only install free standing baths in big bathroom refurbishments in areas like Wimbledon and Richmond we are seeing more and more people go for them in smaller spaces.