Bathroom Trends You’ll Love in 2018


Whether you’re looking for space, aesthetics or that elusive, unique look, one thing’s for certain – you never want to look too far into the past for bathroom design ideas.  While ‘retro’ may be very much in vogue right now, the bathroom is the one room in the house where contemporary touches should always be at the top of your wish list.  With Christmas just around the corner, Fulham bathroom designers such as our very own are already looking at bathroom trends 2018 will be diving into – here are just a few of the best bathroom ideas we think you’ll love for the year ahead.


Marble Finishing


Marble is very much back on the menu – and marble finished bathrooms are now more accessible than ever to a range of different budgets.  Previously seen as a very exclusive luxury touch that came with a considerable price tag attached, more and more homes are looking to adopt marble in their perfect bathroom design – making it a must-watch bathroom design trend for 2018.


Ciao, Chrome


Chrome, while still sleek, adaptable and luxurious when used correctly, seems to have been overtaken by a flashier new look.  Enter gold finishes – once again, gold fixtures were previously considered somewhat niche, but along with emerging trends in monochrome design, golden taps and shower controls are becoming more and more mainstream.


The Natural Look


As with touches that can be found elsewhere in the home, modern interior design is bringing more and more of the outside in.  This means that you may well find the modern bathroom featuring wooden-built shower systems, bamboo storage solutions and more besides – if you are a particularly outdoorsy or nature-focused homeowner, you’ll love some of the big looks that are emerging in bathroom trends for 2018.




So are we!  Here at Burgess Bathrooms, we can’t wait to see what the next year brings – while bathroom trends 2018 and beyond may be fairly speculative, Fulham bathroom designers such as ours always need at least one finger on the pulse.  This way, we can always bring you luxurious, modern bathroom design which will stand the test of time.


If 2018 is set to be the year you consider giving your bathroom a luxury makeover, call our team today to arrange a consultation – call 020 3532 5133 – and let us start making your perfect bathroom dream a reality.