Spring is a time of great change. Both symbolically and literally, it thus makes the most sense for you to refresh your bathroom – even on a small scale – at this time specifically, in order to make sure it shines throughout the rest of the year.

1. New storage

Have a look at the space in your bathroom. If you can see too much space being taken up by loads of items throughout, then look into getting in a couple of small shelving units or storage racks. These units and racks can fit into spaces you wouldn’t normally use and thus save space. Carefully observe the spaces and see where space is being wasted that could be freed up. Take the items that are clogging up your bathroom cabinet or taking up room on the side of the sink and put some of them into these new storage racks and shelving units. The difference will be immediate.

Clearing space has other benefits too. For example, it can also help you to see the entire room more clearly, not just literally but figuratively. For example, you may want to put in an extension, but so much space has been wasted by poor placement of items/lack of storage units etc that you can’t clearly look at how to best extend your bathroom.

Look into tiered corner units and how they can be best placed. Try them. Folding tables can be really good too if you feel your bathroom is decadent enough for you to indulge in drinking or reading in the bath.

2. Window treatment alteration

A lot of the time, the roller shades offered for bathrooms aren’t that efficient or useful. Wooden roller shades for example could easily begin to rot in a room pervaded with so much moisture, especially if accidentally splashed on more than one occasion. Any roller shade you choose must be moisture resistant. If your current one isn’t, then now would be an ideal time to replace it.

Apart from the importance of the fabric of the roller shade you choose, another thing to think about is aesthetics. This is the most crucial part of the ‘feel good’ element of any room in your house or flat. A poorly matched roller shade will add nothing to your bathroom but confusion and would be a waste of money. Think about how the colours and patterns of the walls and floor of your bathroom will match with the roller shade you choose. Contrast is important. A neutral or dull – or dark – coloured shade will match better with a more eye catching bathroom in general. And vice versa. If your roller shade is bright red or green, then hopefully your bathroom is more restrained in its usage of colour!

3. Single wall specific colouring

While we’re on the importance of aesthetics, it’s crucial to stress that it’s unlikely any bathroom would look good with just a single colour pervading minus variation. Obviously, unless you are intending your bathroom to look like it belongs in a hospital or something similar then you wouldn’t paint it all white without any other shades of colour. Can you imagine an all red or all black bathroom? Or all green?

What you need is variety. If most of your bathroom is predominantly one colour – let’s say blue, and even then let’s say it is painted in multiple shades of blue – then you can really spice up the atmosphere of the room by painting just one wall a specific colour which stands in some contrast to the others. Take an all blue bathroom and paint one wall pale yellow for example. Or if the bathroom is mostly magnolia, paint one wall pale cyan. Etc.

4. Accessorising your bathroom with new paraphernalia

Adding in new towels or bath mats in the spring can be a good way to begin this part of the year. Think about the colours of spring: light blue, green, pale yellow, etc – and how these can be used to freshen up your bathroom. Get in some towels with these colours. Think about patterns too. Think of this whole exercise as an opportunity not only to reflect on how colour and pattern affects mood – specifically, how what you’re doing, the changes you’re making, will positively impact on your mood whilst in the bathroom, but also as a time to start fresh and feel new.

Other options: Look at ways and methods to showcase the new towels you have just got in, thus reminding you of the changes you’re making this spring. Think about how the colour of specific objects will have the most impact where it stands out most positively in comparison to everything else in the room.

5. Further Accessorising to conclude:

To conclude this makeover, think about what you can do to really make some stuff in your bathroom stand out. Look at contrasting colours. And also at matching ones.

Experiment with colour coordination. Different shades of purple and pink can mix well, as can red and orange and orange/purple. Blue and green across different shades can be extremely effective. Look into how different objects match with each other according to colour. Towels and soap dishes, mirrors and towels, walls and floors – look at all the shades and find what works for you.

The point of all this is to make your bathroom fresh again for the new year. While that technically began in January, if it’s March now then you still have plenty of time to set things up which will affect the coming months positively.

Since it’s spring, do things that fit with the season. Get some tulips in a base and put them in your bathroom. What else do you normally do in the bathroom that you’ve missed out on recently? Think about it and make whatever changes you need to fit with what you really want.

Whether you look on the spring as time of calm before summer or as a giant leap into the rest of the year, you can make your alterations in whatever way you want. It doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Just look at everything carefully and make it work in a way that is invigorating and refreshing!