What is a wet room and why would I want one?

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular with our clients, particularly young professionals in areas like Clapham or Balham.  A wet room is a completely waterproof, tanked shower area that can be at the same level or raised from the rest of the floor. They work by allowing water to drain through a small flush drain that sits under the shower area. The tiles and under tile membrane are cut and laid at gradients to ensure adequate drainage.

A traditional wet room eliminates the need for any kind of enclosure or shower screen as with traditional showers. However, many of our Clapham or South London based clients prefer to opt for a glass screen however as they want to keep the rest of the bathroom splash free.

In a traditional wet room the floor of the showering area is completely flush with the rest of the room. Wet rooms are therefore convenient for those with mobility issues. Many of our South London clients ask our bathroom fitters to install raised shower areas though. In this scenario, the same clean lines are achieved with a tiled shower tray, but there is a clearer division between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom.

A wet room can be a clever way of making a bathroom feel bigger and utilsing space. Wet rooms are easy to install. Whether your floor is of a timber or concrete construction our bathroom fitters can install a wet room on any floor in your home.

Here are 5 reasons we have collated from our Clapham clients on why to choose a Burgess Bathroom wet rooms:

  • Less Maintenance – Because the shower water reaches a greater area it requires less maintenance and makes for easier cleaning.
  • Stylish – Our clients believe that wet rooms are aspirational owing to their associations with hotels.
  • Design Flexibility – Burgess Bathrooms can install wet rooms in any shape or size which keep your design choices open regardless of your room style.
  • Adds Value – A new bathroom adds on average 3% to the value to your home, with wet rooms among the most desirable with potential buyers.
  • More Room To Shower – A wet room doesn’t limit your space to shower. Say goodbye to knocking your elbows on shower screens.

If you are based in South London and are considering a wet room installation, then call us today to chat through your design ideas.